Mercedes-Benz CLK Cabrio

USD $550.00



Enjoy three hours of touring beautiful Saint Petersburg in this luxury automobile. We will stop at the most iconic landmarks in the city where our photographer will capture the moment creating the best vacation pictures you've ever had. Be different, tour uniquely and create memories you will cherish forever!

The Mercedes cabriolet is an undeniable chic vehicle from Daimler Benz with a touch of elegance. Spectacular appearance, easy movement and gracefulness make the Mercedes CLK ideal for sightseeing, local transport and business occasions, when the spectacular look and quality of the vehicle play an important role.

Our VIP Mercedes CLK is perfect for

  • Sightseeing
  • As a wedding car
  • As a transfer from the airport
  • For a romantic date
  • For a business meeting
  • To implement any other tasks.

As far as the cabriolet is concerned, the model is ideal for events organized in the warm season, during which it will be possible to ride along the streets of St. Petersburg with a breeze. Even if the day of the event is rainy, the folding top will help hide from the weather.

Appearance Mercedes CL

The appearance of the car is certainly impressive. The white body is streamlined, ample entry doors, elegant radiator grille and polished alloy wheels make the exterior of the model very attractive and comfortable. Accordingly, passengers will not get tired even from a long drive in such a car in the city or in the countryside.

This Mercedes model is characterized by the following features:

  • Leather interior of light shade;
  • Presence of modern audio system;
  • The presence of a 2-season climate control, which makes it possible to operate the car in all weather conditions;
  • White pearl shade of the body;
  • Automatic folding roof.