Mini Cooper Classic

USD $475.00



Enjoy three hours of touring beautiful Saint Petersburg in this luxury automobile. We will stop at the most iconic landmarks in the city where our photographer will capture the moment creating the best vacation pictures you've ever had. Be different, tour uniquely and create memories you will cherish forever!

Classic car Mini cooper, the creation of the legendary Alec Issigonis. Mini was produced from 1959 to 2000 and became the most replicable English car. The classic mini entered the 10 best UK designs ever. In the competition car millennium, which took place in 2000, the mini won an honorable second place behind only Ford model T.

Mini has always been a machine of British celebrities, each of the four Beatles had its own exclusive mini, so Mini was very fond of Enzo Ferrari and the whole British royal family.

Perhaps it is very difficult to find a car that is more legendary and better known than the Mini. Our VIP’s enjoy this car with driver as they tool around town whether for sightseeing in style or to travel to various destinations at will.