GAZ 24 Volga

USD $500.00



Enjoy three hours of touring beautiful Saint Petersburg in this luxury automobile. We will stop at the most iconic landmarks in the city where our photographer will capture the moment creating the best vacation pictures you've ever had. Be different, tour uniquely and create memories you will cherish forever!

GAZ-24 “Volga” – the legend of the Soviet car industry, a car that in the 70s immediately after the appearance on the market everyone wanted – both students and plant directors. The long sedan of bright blue color with original disks and a lot of chrome looks just fine, emphasizing the exclusivity of the wedding or anniversary. Inside the “Volga” can comfortably accommodate five people – the benefit of its interior is huge and can compete with modern foreign cars.

Wonderful authentic retro Russian vehicle. Great for sightseeing and especially with our Photo Shoot packages! GAZ-21 is in excellent technical condition, always well-groomed and clean – such as this car was when high-ranking officials, ministers and even the General Secretary drove in due time!